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Hot Water Tank Repair in Calgary

We Know Hot Water Tanks. Drainmasters Hot Water Tank Repair In Calgary. Serving Calgary, Chestermere, Airdrie, Cochrane, Bragg Creek, Okotoks, High River, Strathmore & surrounding areas.

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24 Hour Hot Water Tank Service In Calgary

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​Drainmasters, your hot water tank repair expert in Calgary & surrounding areas. Quick & reliable, professional repair service you can count on.
We Install, Service & Repair all types of Hot Water Tanks Including:
- Atmospheric (Basic Water Heater)
- Power  Vented Tanks
​Quick Reliable Service You Can Count On. Below are some basic components of water heaters. This may also help you communicate your hot water heater problems to us.
- Temperature & Pressure Valve: Is a brass valve located near the top of the tank. A spring loaded seat with a test lever is attached to the valve & a length of pipe runs from it (if installed) to the floor. This valve is a safety device which releases (blows off) water if your tank pressure or temperature exceeds manufacturer's settings. Does not turn off during a problem.

- Drain Valve: Located at the bottom of the tank. It is usually brass with handle or plastic with a small screw button. Used to drain the tank or flush out deposits using a garden hose.

- Gas Valve: This is a large device that controls the flow of natural gas into the combustion chamber. The pilot flame lighting controls and temperature dial are on it. You will see the iron gas pipe attached to the valve and smaller tubes & wires running it into the tank's outter shell.

- Exhaust Pipe: Steel duct that attaches to the top of the tank with a small gap between the tank and the duct. Runs up to the roof or connects into the furnace exhaust.

- Atmospheric Tank Thermal Couple (Natural Gas): Small wire running from the gas valve into the combustion chamber which may or may not be a sealed chamber. A larger node at the end of the thermocouple holds heat and keeps the pilot flame lit.

- Combustion Air: Enters combustion chamber from the openings around the lower sides of the tank (non sealed chamber). May also enter combustion chamber from openings in the bottom of the tank (sealed chamber).

- High Limit Switch: An automated safety device usually located near the combustion chamber. Access door with 2 wires running to it from the gas valve. This switch prevents the tank from firing if the temperatures exceed the manufacturer's limits.

- Anode Rod: A large bolt head which is accessible from the top face of the tank. This rod runs down inside the tank and removes minerals from the water to help prevent build up in the tank & piping.

- Vapor Switch ( Sensor): Shuts off the tank when the combustible fumes are present in the room. The fumes enter the tank with the combustable air.
- Dip Tube: You will see 2 water pipes attached to the top of your tank. The cold water pipe attaches to the plastic dip tube (inside tank) which acts as an extension of the cold water pipe. This forces the water to enter at the bottom of the tank. The "New" cold water is heated by the burner and then rises to the top when it exists from the hot water pipe to supply your faucets. This "dip tube" will deteriorate over time and breakoff inside the tank causing the cold water to enter at the top. This will trap the hot water at the bottom of the tank. You will have hot water only for minutes at the best when it occurs. The tank will appear to be firing as normal.
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Drainmasters has been serving customers in Calgary and area the last 20 years. Our success has been built on our core values - Honesty, Integrity & Exceptional Customer Service. Members of the Better Business Bureau with A+ Standing, each job is done professionally, on timely manner and within the pre-determined costs. We are only satisfied when you are and the work is completed to the highest standard.Licensed, Bonded, Insured & with WCB. Each of our technicians is well trained, certified and experienced. You have the peace of mind you are dealing with an exceptional company, with the best technicians in the industry. We offer warranty on all of our labour and honour the manufacturers' warranties. Only OEM parts from leading manufacturers and brands are used. At Drainmasters you are assured of exceptional quality service and reliability. On time each time.   

Some of our suppliers include:-
- A.O Smith
- John Wood
- Rheem
- Rinnai
- Bradford White          

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